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Pasto  Festival of black and whites Jan. 2-6

Pasto Festival of black and whites
Jan. 2-6

Between history, tradition, music, equality and color, the FESTIVAL OF BLACKS AND WHITES, takes place in Pasto, which tells the history of Colombia, indigenous traditions, slavery and independence. This event is known as the only carnival with purely indigenous roots, created thanks to cultural mixtures after Independence. In 2009 it was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, thus becoming the largest and most important festival in Southern Colombia.

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San Andrés  Intro to DIVING !!!

San Andrés Intro to DIVING !!!

This JEWEL of the CARIBBEAN IN COLOMBIA is made up of a 3 ISLAND ARCHIPELAGO: SANTA CATALINA, PROVIDENCIA and the famous SAN ANDRÉS, known as the SAN ANDRES ISLAND DEPARTMENT of the same name!. Located 450 MILES, (725km) NORTH, off COLOMBIA’S CARIBBEAN mainland, the SUPER POPULAR, exclusive sunshine destination is only ACCESSIBLE BY AIR.

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Santa Marta  Beach of the DEAD!!!

Santa Marta Beach of the DEAD!!!

What was the FIRST SPANISH SETTLEMENT IN COLOMBIA, a busy port city on the North Caribbean Coast, SANTA MARTA (and TAYRONA PARK) are rapidly becoming k own as an AMAZING NATURALISTIC DESTINATION FULL of adventures, such as visiting Colombia’s most BEAUTIFUL BEACH, (Playa Muerto- Beach of the Dead) and the LOST CITY!

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Nuquí  See the WHALES !!!

Nuquí See the WHALES !!!

There are NO ROADS in to this postcard out of time. This FRESH AND PRISTINE destination is very rapidly becoming an EXCELLENTMAJESTIC HUMPBACK WHALES in their Natural state – RESPONSIBLY.
On the PACIFIC COAST OF COLOMBIA, the vast ocean embraced by the PURE JUNGLE and all the special encounters that await will leave you memories that will last a LIFETIME!

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Barranquilla  The Barranquilla Carnival Feb. 10-13

Barranquilla The Barranquilla Carnival
Feb. 10-13

Those who LIVE IT, are those who ENJOY IT!” (Quien lo vive, es quien lo goza!). Is there slogan of one of Colombia’s most important Carnivals!Colombia’s 4 largest municipality, North on the Caribbean Coast, shuts down for 4 days before Lent, for what is a most SPECTACULAR 4 Day EXTRAVAGANZA filled with Costumes, Street Dancers.. and music from All over Latin America!

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Cali  The Cali Fair Dec. 25-30

Cali The Cali Fair
Dec. 25-30

Cali, the cultural city of South America, KNOWN AS THE WORLD CAPITAL OF SALSA, gives us 6 unparalleled days to commemorate the Cali Fair, also called the Cane Fair…

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