San Andrés Intro to DIVING !!!
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San Andrés

Average yearly temperature: 30C (86F)
Type of Climate:
Tropical Climate:
Breezy all year round, with varied levels of relative humidity, depending on season.
April-June, Oct.-December usually receive more precipitation than other months.


COLOMBIA`S JEWEL OF THE CARIBBEAN! The Most EXOTIC ADVENTURE… UNDER THE SEA! Something you’ve always wanted to try, but never got around to it..or perhaps until now you were too scared??!!! NOW`S THE TIME to conquer your fear, and knock it off the BUCKET LIST.. and explore.. UNDER THE SEA!!! …and what better location than in the HEART OF THE CARIBBEAN SEA, with a PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTOR!!

This 4 DAY ADVENTURE starts you off a little early one morning, with a quick, PRIVATELY CHAUFFEURED trip to MEDELLIN`S INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, where after a quick hour long trip, you’ll be landing in Colombia`s most EXQUISITE VACATION DESTINATION!!!

Waiting for your arrival, your chauffeur will take your bags, and whisk you away to your room… RIGHT OFF THE BEACH!!

Amazed at the fact you are still in COLOMBIA, despite being so far off the mainland, you will have some time to take in the AMAZING VIEW, (and some amazing selfies), until your PROFESSIONAL TRANSPORTATION arrives to take you away to the other side of the island, known for its most INCREDIBLE DIVING DESTINATIONS.

A quick trip around the BREATHTAKING COASTLINE, will finish off with a nod of SATISFACTION, when you arrive at the DIVE CAMP, and see first hand the PROFESSIONAL OPERATION in action.

Your friendly PADI CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR will greet you with a smile, as you jump right into a quick 30 MIN THEORY CLASS, clearly explaining everything that is about to happen over the next few hours, with the highlight being you, breathing comfortably and EXPLORING, UNDER THE SEA!!

After your quick theory class you will be guided out INTO THE OCEAN, at a depth of only 1-3 METERS, to practice what you’ve learned so far, and to get comfortable with the gear.

As you FEEL COMFORTABLE (and not until then, and under ZERO PRESSURE from anyone), you are gradually guided down to a Max depth of 12M, where you will be guided along a BEAUTIFUL CORAL REEF and rock garden that decorates the OCEAN FLOOR.

The ADRENALINE, and SENSATION OF WEIGHTLESSNESS, and one with NATURE, as you EFFORTLESSLY glide thru the CARIBBEAN SEA, is a feeling you will not soon forget for the rest of your life, and this INTRODUCTION TO DIVING, just might be The beginning to a NEW CHAPTER in your life of EXHILARATING ADVENTURES… UNDER THE SEA!!!

With a couple full days left to explore the island and ENJOY THE BEACHES, this is one ISLAND IN THE SUN that will remain in your HEART FOREVER!


Day 1: Medellin to San Andres
  • Our driver will pick you up at your hotel/hostel/airbnb and take you to the airport.
  • In San Andres a driver will be waiting for you to take you to the hotel located right in front of the sea, You will have some time to spend on the beach and take amazing pictures.
Day 2: Introduction to Scuba Diving Day
  • After breakfast, you will be able to walk along the beach of San Andres.
  • At the hotel in the afternoon our driver will pick you up to take you on a beautiful tour to the dive center.
  • You will see an introductory diving course.
  • You will experience an incredible dive in the wonderful waters of the Caribbean Sea guided by our professional diving team, which will be an unforgettable experience.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • After a long day under the sun, today is a FREE DAY to do whatever you wish!
  • Go shopping, visit another island in the archipelago or take a stroll on the main beach in front of your hotel, where your 24-hour English-speaking guide can recommend various activities.
Day 4: Return to Medellin
  • After an AMAZING few days in the sun, you may be ready to return to the cooler climate of Medellin.
  • After breakfast, your driver will be waiting to take you back to the airport,
  • where after a quick flight, you will be back in the City of Eternal Spring, a little tanned from your adventure in the San Andres Sun!


What should you bring?

Personal identification (Passport).
Cell phone with access to WhatsApp.
Personal camera. (If you want).

It is important to highlight what type of climate we will find in San Andres. A warm humid climate, during the course of the year, the temperature generally varies from 26 °C (78°F) to 30 °C (86°F).

Due to the temperatures and climate, recommendations are the following;

swimsuit / Sun Screen / souvenirs
Fresh clothes
Mosquito repellent.


Don’t worry if you forget any of these things since you can buy them at the destination, including beautiful beach towels/souvenir.

Pricing per person
In Colombian Pesos


24 Hour English speaking guide (online).
All airport transportation; professional and private.
Round Trip Airline Tickets to San Andres.
Beach Front, Air Conditioned Hotel Room for 3 nights.
Private Insurance.
PADI Certified, intro to diving course.

And all the adrenaline you can handle!

*want to CUSTOMIZE your adventure? JUST ASK!