Santa Marta Beach of the DEAD!!!
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Santa Marta

Average temperature: 28C (83F)
Type of Climate:
Tropical Savanna Climate:
Birding a hit semi-arid climate, it is hot all year round, with levels of relative humidity.
Daytime temperatures usually remain around 32C (89F)



The climate in Medellín is warm and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 62°F to 78°F and is rarely below 58°F or above 81°F

Santa Marta



A 4 DAY ADVENTUE including a Destination many can ONLY DREAM OF;  with a 24 HOUR ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE throughout your Adventure,  coordinating all the ¨WOW FACTORS,¨ experienced along the way!

AIRLINE TICKETS, profesional AIRPORT TRANSFERS, and ADVENTURE (Full Day excursion) to, ¨Playa Muerto,¨(BEACH OF TEH DEAD), or, ¨CRISTAL BEACH,¨ (Playa Cristal) since renamed in 2010, located inside the famous, TYRONA PARK, planned dow to the smaller detail, ensuring a most AMAZING ADVENTURE! (Meals not included, however your 24 hour online guide will recommend establishments based on your individual taste, and wishes at any given moment)

Apart from the FULL DAY EXCURSION, there is plenty of time to explore, try other activities that interest you, all you need to do is ask your guide, and they will set it all up!

Your hotel, situated at the best location in the area, to ensure maximum enjoyment of the area, as well as information on where else to go, and what else to do, apart from your AMAZING ADVENUTRE!!!

*this adventure can be customized, group discounts, extending the stay, adding or changing out activites;
. . . any questions contact our team for more info!


One morning in Medlellin a professional driver will arrive, (15min early) and take you to the airport where after a quick flight you will be landing on the Colombia´s Caribbean coast, and Santa Marta!

From there another professional driver will be there to take you to your hotel. And now looking at your watch you realize, you are in Santa Marta, and have the entire day to explore the new destination, and prepare for the big day tomorrow! (make sure you have sun screen and a towel!)

Playa Cristal

Just after breakfast, one of the team will come collect you from your hotel, and take you to the docks, where after a VERY SCENIC (approx.) 30min boat ride, you will arrive to spend the Day at what is known as Colombia´s most Beautiful beach, ¨Playa del Muerto¨, or ¨Cristal Beach¨, as recently renamed. In the HEART of PARK TYRONA… which is Colombia´s most important Natural Reserve Spend the Day, relaxing in the Sun, wading in the shallows, go snorkeling, (extra activities require a small extra charge, paid there), and enjoy a fresh delicious lunch, prepared by the locals (meals not included- paid there)

Then at approx. 4:30pm, back in the boat and return to the hotel, and pass the night strolling the boardwalk, and experience the various street performers, Or a cool walk down the beach, only a few meters from your hotel!

After a long day in the Sun, today is a FREE DAY to do as you wish! Go shopping, visit downtown Santa Marta, or hangout at the main beach in front of your hotel, where your 24 hour English speaking guide can recommend various activities such as Sea Kayaking, or Paddle Boat rides, or explore some other points of interest such as an Iguana Reserve!
DAY 4: Return to Medellin!
After an AMAZING few days in the Sun, you may be ready to get back to the cooler climate of Medellin.

After breakfast your driver will be waiting to take you back to the airport, where after a quick flight, you are back in the City of Eternal Spring, a little sun tanned from the adventure in the Santa Marta Sun!


What should you bring?


Personal identification (Passport)
Cell phone with access to WhatsApp
Personal camera

It is important to highlight what type of climate we will find in Santa Marta.

A dry climate, during the course of the year, the temperature generally varies from 21 °C (69°F) to 32 °C (89°F)

Due to the temperatures and climate, recommendations are the following;

– Swimsuit
– Fresh clothes
– Blocker
– Mosquito repellent
– Personal snorkeling equipment



You can wear costumes and makeup, to become part of the carnival atmosphere


Don’t worry if you forget any of these things since you can buy them at the destination

Pricing per person
In Colombian Pesos


24 Hour English speaking guide (online).
All airport transportation; professional and private.
Round Trip Airline Tickets to Santa Marta.
Beach Near, Air Conditioned Hotel Room for 3 nights.
Private Insurance.
1 Full day tour to Beach of the Dead (Crystal Beach).

And all the adrenaline you can handle!

*want to CUSTOMIZE your adventure? JUST ASK!