San Andrés Green Moon Festival
Sep. (TBD)

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San Andrés

Average yearly temperature: 30C (86F)
Type of Climate:
Tropical Climate:
Breezy all year round, with varied levels of relative humidity, depending on season.
April-June, Oct.-December usually receive more precipitation than other months.


San Andrés and its sea of ​​seven colors becomes the perfect setting for the wonderful GREEN MOON FESTIVAL, which is celebrated to pay tribute to the fifth satellite of the solar system. It is a cultural and artistic event, where you can witness various musical groups, but above all, it is a place where people from all over the world gather to celebrate the most important thing: LIFE.

This festival explores the rhythms and melodies of marimba, calypso and reggae, to mix them in an atmosphere of joy and fun. Culminating thus, with the election of the Queen of Green Moon

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